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To the website of artist Zahra Al Ahmed. This website showcases a selection of current and past artworks, project, background informations and news about the artist.

Zahra Al Ahmed is a Bahraini artist best known for her drawings and paintings depicting human beings in a somewhat dark artistic mood, relentlessly revealing the vulnerability and tragedy of their condition.

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Life isn’t long enough for love  and art!Life isn’t long enough for love  and art!

Life isn’t long enough for love and art!

I enjoy finding something lovely in everyday objects, events and people. I am fascinated with color the way it plays on a surface, hits forms and casts shadows. My intent is to capture the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of a moment in my paintings and drawings. I do so by focusing on color, value and light. I use classic materials such as charcoal, chalk, pastel, shellacked paper, and wood panels used for centuries in art making. Evoking the beauty of everyday moments is my aspiration.

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  • Charcoal

    This is a drawing done with graphite and charcoal pencils, on white Strathmore acid-free drawing paper, size 16" x 20".

  • Oil Painting

    This is oil painting on canvas, size 20”x16”

    The painting is available for purchasing

  • pastel

    This is a drawing done with pastel, on white paper, size 8" x 10".

    The drawing is part of a multi-drawing montage, and is not availabe for purchasing as an individual drawing.

  • Coloured Pencils

    This is a drawing with coloured pencils on white Strathmore acid-free drawing paper, size 7" x 5.

    The drawing is part of a multi-drawing montage, and is not availabe for purchasing as an individual drawing.

"Teaching & Workshops""Teaching & Workshops"

"Teaching & Workshops"

I’ve been teaching a number of classes and workshops lately. Pretty much all over the Kingdom of Bahrain. It’s such a cool experience to get out of the studio to share and develop painting concepts with students from all over the Bahrain. We are all on this journey together from the most novice painter to the greatest technician, everyone brings something new and unique to the table in the form of new questions to be answered. Everyone gains in this collaborative to have the tools to express ourselves as well as fighting our own creative battles. Its an honor to participate in this open workshops on the technical and conceptual methods of arts.

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  • Zahra Al Ahmed

    My work is founded on materialism rather than conceptual ideas, which elevates the elements that I blend, move, and sculpt that much more; I’m devoted to surpassing the boundaries of what basic materials like paper and charcoal can become and how they can transform.

    „My art is an explorative process of how materials work together to create something bigger than each element on its own. I defy the constraints that have been placed upon my simple and traditional materials, allowing them to work together to create shapes and forms that are unlike anything seen in daily life.“

    I rely on my intuition, consistent black and white color palette, and basic supplies to guide me through my process. I allow the interaction between the charcoal, whether powdered or compressed, and the paper to dictate the next step in creating, resulting in abstract images.



Jawad / July 2013

Portrait Commissions

Working with Zahra Artist on a custom, commissioned portrait is a pleasure because she values customer service and integrity as much as she values excellence in her work. Below is an outline of what you can expect when commissioning a custom portrait.

You may check out her FAQ page or contact her if you have any additional questions.

  • Send Your Photo

    Send Your Photo

    „You may email or WhatsApp your photo(s) to Zahra Artist to get started. They don’t have to be professional, but must be clear and detailed.“
  • Discuss Details

    Discuss Details

    „You and Zahra Artist will decide on your portrait size and medium. She will send you back the cost before she begins working.“
  • Approval & Delivery

    Approval & Delivery

    „After Zahra Artist is finished, you will approve it online or Whatsapp before shipment or delivery. She guarantees your satisfaction in the final portrait!“