Zahra Al Ahmed

Is a Bahraini artist best known for her drawings and paintings depicting human beings in a somewhat dark artistic mood, relentlessly revealing the vulnerability and tragedy of their condition.



I am a self-taught visual artist, originally from Kingdom of Bahrain. My educational background is Education (Arts), I have a degree in Bachelor of Education (Arts) (B. Ed. Arts), and my present career is in Art Teacher.

Although concerns of life, artistic creativity has always been a big part of my life. I have created an extensive portfolio of realistic graphite, charcoal, pastel, Oil painting, and coloured pencil drawings depicting mostly human portraits and figures.

Since I started exhibiting my works, I have won several awards at juried local and international art exhibitions.

My works can be found throughout the year on my instagram account @zahraartist, as well as the updated list of my current, upcoming, and past works can be found on my website.

I gladly accept commissions for people, single or group portrait drawings or oil paintings. If you would like a quote or more information, feel free to contact me.



Creating art has become one of the biggest joys of my life. I thrive on that feeling of urgency and excitement that I get when the creative juices start flowing through my brain and urge me to pick up a pencil or a brush and just have fun with it.

I have been continuously trying to challenge myself in finding new ways to combine different types of media. In present times, there is an unprecedented array of media available, creating an opportunity for me to push the envelope of visual expression. I occasionally turn my graphite, charcoal, pastel, coloured pencil drawings or mixed painting materials by seamlessly incorporating them on papers, to enhancing aesthetic appreciation, I use a variety of painting materials, such as Oil painting and water painting, as well as an assorted variety of canvas and textures.

I feel that I am only at the beginning of my artistic journey. There is so much more that I can try, so many new ways to challenge myself. This journey is worth all the hard work, because for me it is both deeply therapeutic and emotionally fulfilling.

My family

I grew up in a hotbed of creativity!

I’ve been an artist ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand. now I’ve been creating something. I grew up in a hotbed of creativity – My aunt Zahra Al Marhoon is a visual artist. Although her style is diametrically different from mine, I have always been spurred on by her ability to turn ideas on their heads, just to get a different view. as well My big Brother Mossa Al Ahmed is a visual artist himself which helped form my drive to investigate my world more deeply, and My sister Eman Al Ahmed, whom we have lived as a teenager, has always encouraged me to chase my desires. and serenity I strive for.


I grew up in a hotbed of creativity!

Zahra Al Ahmed keeps experimenting with new materials and different techniques as an essential part of his artistical approach. The choice of the technique used may sometimes be changed during the starting phase of a new project, but mostly the decision is made beforehand. Besides the experimenting, Zahra has favored the three following techniques, which are described below in a brief overview.

  • Drawing on Paper

    Most of Zahra's drawings are done on slightly off-white paper or diverse grey-tones with a textured surface. She uses all kinds of carbon and ordinary wooden graphite pencils in every degree of hardness. The highlights on grey paper is done using white charcoal. The eraser is another important tool for composing the light. With controlled pressure, the top layers can be lifted off, whilst the underneath layers will be unchanged. Textures are created by drawing multiple layers of somewhat random lines and dots, drawn with pencils or being erased and then being blended with tissues or blending stumps. This process is fluent and spontaneous and my take up to 100 hours of work. It is best described as a sculpting process on a flat surface, working from the general to the specific, from blurry to sharp and from broad to detailed.

  • Drawing on Canvas

    As a first step the canvas is coated with a pastel primer mixed with acrylic paint to receive a grey base tone, functioning as a middle tone of the later drawing. Before the actual process of rubbing the charcoal into the canvas and removing parts of it with an eraser, a sketch is brought onto the canvas to give an idea of the composition. When the artwork is finished, which may take up to 100 hours, the charcoal is fixed with protective spray. Fixatives are not used during the drawing process in order to keep the drawing workable at all time.

  • Oil Painting

    Zahra also uses oil on canvas. The oversaturated color paintings stand in a high contrast to his otherwise monochrome work and give him the opportunity to express him self in a different way. When painting an oil, he starts with a quick underpainting using diluted oil paint. Depending on the complexity, the process of the underpainting can take between one to five days. He then premixes a range of colors and paints directly onto the underpainting in one opaque layer. This procedure takes up to 150 hours of work.


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f you would like me to create a piece of art that captures something that inspires you, holds a special moment on paper or anything that helps create your ideas on paper with my style please contact me.
I would love to add my skill to your ideas and see what develops!

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