Do clients have to sit for their portraits?

No! Though Zahra Artist was trained to work from life, she has been creating portraits from photographs for 15 years, and this is the way she prefers to work in order to include the most detail and serve a larger audience. She can create your art from your existing photos.

How do I know if my photos are good enough to use?

Zahra’s best results come from either professional photographs or clear, close-up snapshots. She is happy to review your photos ahead of time and determine whether they will be a suitable reference. When selecting your pictures, keep in mind that the more detail that is in your photos, the more detail Zahra Artist can include in your drawing or painting.

Can Zahra Artist use separate photographs and draw them into one portrait?

Zahra Artist is happy to blend multiple photographs and create a one-of-a-kind portrait for you.

What is her turn-around time?

Zahra Artist typically complete drawings within 2 weeks, while paintings are usually finished within a month to two months. Please let Zahra Artist  know if you have a specific deadline, and she will do her best to make sure you receive your portrait in time. The Christmas season is her busiest time of the year, so please provide as much notice as possible if you will be commissioning a portrait near the holidays.

What if I don’t like my portrait?

Zahra Artist stands by her work and will make sure that you are completely satisfied with your drawing or painting. To ensure your happiness, she provides a preview of your portrait before shipping it to you. This allows you the opportunity to make suggestions, which she will use to tweak the portrait until it is perfect. Her goal is your satisfaction, so you owe nothing unless you are thrilled with your artwork. However, in 15 years, she hasn’t been asked for a refund.

Can I receive a discount on my portrait order?

Zahra Artist offers good prices compared with her work that you'll get. Therefore Prices fixed.

I don’t live in Kingdom of Bahrain. Can I still hire Zahra Artist to do a portrait for me?

Much of Zahra’s work is commissioned from people who live out-of-country, or even out of the GCC! She is happy to correspond with you through phone or by e-mail during all stages of the process. After your portrait is completed and you have given your approval, she will carefully package it and ship it to you with insurance.

May I see some references?

Zahra Artist has a long history of satisfying portrait clients. She is happy to provide testimonials and references upon your request.  She also will known for her drawings and paintings. We believe you’ll find Zahra Artist a reputable presence in the art world!