“Make a drawing, start it all over again, trace it. Start it and trace it again.”

"Teaching & Workshops""Teaching & Workshops"

"Teaching & Workshops"

I’ve been teaching a number of classes and workshops lately. Pretty much all over the Kingdom of Bahrain. It’s such a cool experience to get out of the studio to share and develop painting concepts with students from all over the Bahrain. We are all on this journey together from the most novice painter to the greatest technician, everyone brings something new and unique to the table in the form of new questions to be answered. Everyone gains in this collaborative to have the tools to express ourselves as well as fighting our own creative battles. Its an honor to participate in this open workshops on the technical and conceptual methods of arts.

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Zahra Artist teaches about 2 to 4 drawing workshops per year in different places. Workshops will be anounced here roughly one months before the actual date. Register early as the workshops are usually booked up quickly. To register for a workshop in Kingdom of Bahrain, please fill out the form below with your information and finally click the submit button.

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